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We have a huge variety of used vehicles in stock and this inventory gets refreshed every day. Looking for a part? Just search our inventory online, visit one of our auto recycling yards, and find exactly what you need.

Tires & Batteries

Looking for a battery that’s still strong, or a set of tires in good condition? At Kenny, every battery is tested, verified and disconnected. And our tires are available at every branch, in both our stores and our yards.

Price List

For any size of vehicle, from compact cars like the Yaris to big pickup trucks like the F-250, we always offer great prices on our used auto parts. Buying parts from Kenny is fast, economical and eco-friendly.

Sell your Car

Selling your used vehicle at Kenny U-Pull is easy and profitable. Sedan, SUV, pickup, convertible or minivan running or not, we pay cash on the spot. Even better, we take care of all the paperwork and offer free towing from your location.