To Fix or Not to Fix: The Dilemma of Fixing Transmissions

Noticing that your car was making odd noises, leaking fluids, and slipping gears, you’ve taken it to your mechanic and received the dreaded diagnosis: a failed transmission. Fighting back the tears, your mechanic has informed you of one of three options as a solution to your problem: 1) you can fix the transmission, 2) you can replace it with a new one, or 3) you can buy a new car. Undeservedly, the first option of fixing your transmission is often seen as being  a temporary fix that is excessively expensive. However, the truth of the matter is that fixing transmissions can be the most affordable and long-lasting solution available to an automobile owner who finds themselves with a faulty or failed transmission.

Fixing Transmissions: The Benefits

There are several important benefits to fixing transmissions you need to be aware of  before you replace it entirely or buy a new car.

Pay Less

Fixing transmissions is by no means a cheap endeavor, with costs easily running into the thousands of dollars. However, it’s still less expensive than buying a new transmission altogether, or putting a down payment on a new car. 

Places you can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars are in parts. Rather than spend exorbitant amounts for brand new items, seriously consider buying used. In many cases, used parts work just as well and as long as new ones, and are easier on the wallet. 

Kenny U-Pull prides itself on having parts to meet all our clients’ needs. Simply visit one of our locations with your tools and pick what you need!

Longer Vehicle Life

The obvious and immediate benefit to fixing transmissions is that it extends the life of your vehicle. This will not only save you money when compared to buying a new transmission or car, it will also save you something even more precious: time. Fixing your transmission will eliminate endless hours online and on car lots choosing a new car. There will also be a minimal disruption to your daily routine, as you wait a few days for your transmission to be fixed instead of the weeks or possible months it may take you to decide upon and actually find your new car of choice.

Reap the Financial Rewards

Fixing transmissions keeps your current financial situation steady and on-track. There’s no new or larger monthly expenses (the kind of which are associated with financing a new car) or a huge, lump-sum dent in your bank account (from buying a new transmission). These savings translate to a better financial footing for you and your family in the future.

When Fixing Transmissions Isn’t the Answer

If the extent of the repairs to your transmission are going to cost more than replacing it with a new one, buying a new car, or is more than your car is worth, you should consider selling your car for scrap. 

After all, dealerships will probably offer little if anything at all in trade-in value for a car with a faulty transmission. Your best bet would be to sell it for scrap and use the money to buy a new or used car. 

To help you on that path, Kenny U-Pull buys cars whether they are roadworthy or non-functional.  We also sell used cars that are in excellent condition and are ready to be driven off of our lots. Simply visit one of our locations nearest to you to buy or sell a used car!

For more information on fixing transmissions, to inquire about parts and services, or to sell your car today, contact Kenny U-Pull.