After finally deciding to sell your used and non-functioning car, a wave of relief sets in; finally, that dilapidated eyesore will be gone from your garage, freeing up much-needed storage space. But with that sense of relief also comes some hesitation, as you begin to worry about exactly how a company like Kenny U-Pull will remove a non-functioning car from your garage both safely, and in a way that won’t cause damage to your property. Rest assured, with over 50 years of experience in the business of transporting cars, Kenny U-Pull has perfected the car removal process through the use of flatbed towing!

The Car Removal Process

The first step in removing a used or non-functioning car from your premises involves a little work on your part: clearing the space above, around and underneath your car from debris. After all, if you are worried about safely removing the car with little to no damage to your property, it’s best to remove obstacles like storage boxes, yard tools, old bicycles, and other random flotsam and jetsom from the towing crew’s path.

Once that is done, your part is over. Kenny U-Pull employs a permanent, around-the-clock team of towing specialists who will remove your car efficiently and effortlessly. Using flatbed towing, our team will put your car in neutral, load it (usually front first and with a mechanized platform or pulley) onto the bed, secure the vehicle with constraints (pedals, chains, and straps), and drive away!

Flatbed Towing Your Vehicle

The Benefits of Using Flatbed Towing

Using flatbed towing has definite advantages over forms of transportation. Here are the three most important ones:


Flatbed tow trucks are the best choice to move vehicles like cars and where safety considerations are paramount. Trucks that use a simple pulley system to drag a vehicle end up are significantly more dangerous, as faulty attachments and rusted equipment can sometimes detach unexpectedly. Flatbed towing sidesteps that potential issue by securing the vehicle at multiple contact points on a flat surface. Additionally, flatbed tow trucks can drive at a regular pace appears to other modes of transport that drive slower, ensuring your car gets to where it needs to go quickly as well as safely.


Another benefit of flatbed towing is that it can tow your car regardless of its condition or size. If your car has been totaled or has defects or damage like stubborn or non-existent wheels, it’s no issue for a truck with a flat surface as opposed to one that relies on wheels to drag it to the scrapyard. Additionally, flatbeds can handle all types of vehicles regardless of weight or size, like sedans, SUVs, motorcycles, and even construction and military vehicles!

Less Damage

Granted, your worry about any nicks or scratches your non-functioning used car will sustain on its journey to the scrapyard may be negligible, but that concern is at the forefront of the minds at Kenny U-Pull, especially if the chassis has a significant resale value. To protect their investment, Kenny U-Pull makes prodigious use of flatbed towing to secure each and every of their used car transportation!

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