A big concern when selling a used or non-functioning car is knowing who to trust. After all, you want to make sure you’re getting a fair price for your vehicle and aren’t getting short-changed or scammed outright. Thankfully, Kenny U-Pull has 55 years of experience in buying and selling used cars and parts and has built a sterling and well-earned reputation for reliability, efficiency, and quality of service in eastern Canada and the United States. Additionally, the fact that Kenny U-Pull has 26 locations across metropolitan and rural Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and New England, ensures that reliable and trustworthy service in buying or selling cars or parts is available to all who need it.

kenny u pull locations quebec

Kenny U-Pull Location: Montreal 

The city of Kenny U-Pull origin, Montreal is a major urban center with many outlying suburbs where commuting by car for work or pleasure is still the norm for a majority of the population. Due to its geography as an island, the condition of its roads, and the effect of inclement weather, the need for small repairs or replacement parts for many automobiles is necessary and consistent. Items like headlights, bumpers, and tires are in high demand, especially used, as they work just as well as brand-new ones and are not as expensive. 

Located in an industrial area in the East End of Montreal renowned for its automotive repair industry, our Montreal Kenny U-Pull location is easily accessed on Henri Bourassa East, a major artery of the city. The location is also close to a main highway, ensuring anyone on the island and beyond can visit if they need essential parts. 

Kenny U-Pull Location: Sudbury

A city with a population of approximately 167 thousand people, Sudbury is smaller than a city like Montreal but significantly bigger than towns like Stratford. A 4-hour car ride from the outskirts of Toronto, Sudbury is an Ontarian city where finding a towing company to transport your used or non-functioning car may leave you with few options.

Kenny U-Pull’s Sudbury location is situated in a conveniently accessible part of the city. This allows for the Kenny U-Pull towing team to dispatch easily, picking up and dropping off cars with relative ease. This is essential for the Kenny U-Pull process for buying and selling used cars, as Kenny U-Pull provides a towing service to all its clients free of charge. 

Kenny U-Pull Location: Elmsdale 

Elmsdale is a small, unincorporated village located in the middle of Nova Scotia. Sparsely populated, this Kenny U-Pull location services the automotive needs for not only the town but a majority of the province as well. 

Despite the fact that the Maritime population isn’t as numerous as other parts of Canada doesn’t mean that Maritimers don’t drive cars, need parts, or wish to sell their vehicles. Kenny U-Pull recognizes this and has established not only their Elmsdale location but also one in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Contact a Kenny U-Pull in your area today to search for parts or inquire about selling your car!