As a car owner, there are certain things you accept as inevitable. The rising cost of gas prices. Shoveling your car out of the snow in the winter. Looking for parking in a crowded shopping center lot. And of course, replacing parts on your car due to wear and tear damage, or a simple change of aesthetics. For the non-savvy, running to a garage or dealership to get brand-new parts is the first impulse. However, for those in the know or on a fixed budget, visiting a scrapyard for used car parts is the best and only option. The part pricing and level of quality at reputable scrap yards like Kenny U-Pull simply cannot be beaten.

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Part Pricing: The Benefits of Buying Used

There are many reasons car owners need parts for their vehicles. Commonly, years of use may render a part faulty or inoperative. Occasionally, an accident or fender-bender may require a minor replacement, as in the case of a cracked or broken tail or headlight. Or in some cases, vintage collectors or car enthusiasts who rebuild cars as a hobby are in need of specific parts. Whatever the case may be, there are multiple, quantifiable reasons to choose items that were subject to parts pricing at Kenny U-Pull over brand-new ones.


Obviously, there is a multitude of factors that go into parts pricing on cars. Condition, make, model and year of production are just some of these considerations, as well as the specific function of the car itself. 

Industry specialists estimate that buying a used part from a place like Kenny U-Pull can save you 80% of the retail price of a new one. Since Kenny U-Pull only offers parts that are in excellent condition, you are essentially paying 20% of the price of a brand-new part. There’s no need to do the math- buying used gives you quality at a fraction of the price!

Going Green

Once a car is sold to Kenny U-Pull, it goes through a rigorous and thorough evaluation where every one of its resellable parts is tested for quality and functionality. The parts are then priced competitively according to industry specifications, awaiting a customer to buy used.

Buying used has more benefits than simply saving money. In this day and age, buying parts that have been recycled from other cars also helps the environment. Rather than expending resources and materials to constantly build new parts, buying used relaxes the strain on manufacturers when it comes to things like mining, refining, and production. Buying used car parts reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment substantially.


Kenny U-Pull carries a large inventory of every car part imaginable, easily searchable through their website. From the comfort of your own home, you can peruse Kenny U-Pull’s catalog for the exact part you need, confident in its functionality, availability, and compatibility with your vehicle. With part pricing assured, you can buy online and pick up your part at your convenience!

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