When an automobile has been in an accident and is damaged beyond repair, is in such bad condition that repairs exceed its market value, or is so old that it has been rendered non-functional, it’s time to sell it to a scrapyard like Kenny U-Pull. Scrap cars and car junk yards have been profitable enough to keep Kenny U-Pull in business for over 50 years, and our expertise in the field has kept customers satisfied for as long as we’ve been in operation. As well, with recent social and legal trends in environmentalism gaining traction, scrap cars and car junk yards are set to become one of the most sustainable and profitable business models of the next decade. 

The Bread and Butter of Scrap Cars and Car Junk Yards: Car Parts

One of the main functions of scrapping cars for car junk yards is to strip them of parts that can be refurbished and resold. After all, just because an engine is dead doesn’t mean that parts like head/tail lights, seats, batteries, stereo systems, doors, and even oil filters are equally non-functional. As a matter of fact, once they are refurbished by seasoned professionals, they can be resold for 40-60% of the retail price, ensuring the car junkyard operators a modest profit while saving their clients large sums of money. 

Perhaps one of the most sought-after used parts are car tires. Since a brand-new set of tires can easily cost anywhere from $400-$1200 dollars, it’s reassuring to know you can get a decent set for under $400 off a scrap car from a car junk yard like Kenny U-Pull

The De-Pollution Factor

The average motorist may not realize that their car is carrying anywhere between 20 to 40 liters of environmentally hazardous and potentially dangerous chemicals at all times. Motor oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, coolants, gasoline, battery acid, and even windshield washer fluid can destroy plant life and kill animals if they are exposed to the environment. The situation can become more precarious or even deadly if these noxious chemicals find their way into a city or town’s water supply. 

For these reasons, governments across North America have mandated that any scrap car sold to car junk yards must have licensed professionals collect, contain, and dispose of these chemicals. This way, safety can be assured. Additionally, these professionals can ascertain whether or not these fluids can be kept by the car junkyard itself, either for reuse or to be repackaged and resold. In the arena of environmental awareness and positive action, the junk car industry remains ahead of the curve!

Raw Materials 

When it comes to recycling raw materials, a scrap car sitting on a car junk yard’s lot is a virtual goldmine. The steel and aluminum that comprises the chassis are highly sought to melt down and make other cars, to say nothing of piping, fencing, and a multitude of other items. Tempered glass from windshields can be repurposed for everything from windows to vases to mosaics and other objet d’art. Even the plastic and rubber from scrap cars can be refurbished into everything from children’s toys to asphalt. Not only can car junk yards make a significant amount of money for the sale of these raw materials, but the environmental benefits are significant. Through recycling, the car industry is spared the resources and energy expenditures needed to mine, process, and manufacture the materials!

Join the winning team and sell your scrap car to Kenny U-Pull to reap the financial and environmental rewards! Simply contact us to receive your offer and sell your car today!