Sell Junk Cars For Fast Cash Now

While you’re in the spring-cleaning mode now might be a good time to consider selling your junk car. After all, it’s been sitting in the same corner of the garage gathering dust for years, and it may surprise you to know that even though it’s not running, it’s still worth money to scrap, junk, and parts dealers like the good people at Kenny U-Pull. If finding a way to transport your old jalopy from your garage to the buyer is the main reason you won’t consider selling it for scrap, there’s no need to worry- Kenny U-Pull will arrange for transport free of charge!

So why wait? Follow these easy steps to get that dusty old junk car off your property and put cash in your pocket today!

sell junk cars easily

Sell Junk Cars: A Simple Process

Selling junk cars might seem like a complicated process shrouded in mystery, but with Kenny U-Pull, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


The journey to sell junk cars starts with a phone call to Kenny U-Pull. Our representatives will conduct a phone interview, asking you about the details of your car such as the model, make, and year of production in order to determine its maximum value. (Before you call, it’s a good idea to have these details handy in the form of your title of ownership. Although it’s possible to sell a car without the title, having it handy can expedite the process in certain states, as well as facilitate your conversation with our representatives).
At the conclusion of the phone interview, our representative will provide you with a quote. Once you accept, you can book your pick-up date and time. Kenny U-Pull will not only pick up and transport your old junker but will also pay you, in cash, on the day of pick up!


Selling junk cars for scrap is an excellent idea, but before the car is picked up, it’s a good idea to clean it out of keepsakes, valuables, and parts that can be resold at a better price individually.

Search the trunk, glove compartment, storage areas, and even the seats for things like loose change and jewelry. Decorative seat covers and spoilers can also be removed and resold. Parts like your car’s catalytic converter and things like sound systems can fetch more money individually than for scrap, so consider removing and selling those as well.


Once you’ve completed Steps 1 & 2, leave it to the professionals at Kenny U-Pull- sit back, relax, and collect your cash!
The Junkyard Option: An Alternative

An alternative to selling your junk car for scrap would be to sell it as “an organ donor” of sorts for car owners and mechanics looking for specific parts. In this scenario, Kenny U-Pull representatives will still interview you for a quote, pick up and transport your car, and pay you in cash, but will leave your car intact on the junkyard lot. What this does is spare you the time and effort of stripping your car for parts to sell individually, streamlining the entire process and making it easier for you!

From bumper to bumper, selling junk cars is an excellent way to make both space and a couple of extra dollars for just a small amount of time and effort. Don’t delay- call your local Kenny U-Pull to get your cash offer today!