Deciding Between Steel Vs Aluminum Rims

One of the perks of owning an automobile is the ability to customize it according to your personal tastes. For some, that may mean a custom paint job. For others, decals, spoilers, and ground effects lighting are the way to go. For many, choosing designer rims is the perfect method in proclaiming a unique automotive aesthetic. However, choosing rims is not just a matter of look, but functionality, which is why deciding between steel vs aluminum rims is such an important choice. Each material carries its own functional and aesthetic benefits. By reading Kenny U-Pull’s guide, you’ll be able to choose the right rim for your needs!

Aluminum Rims

Aluminum is a widely used and popular metal for a variety of industries, including automotive. It is also used prolifically in the building construction, home appliances, and public transportation fields. This is in no doubt due to the metal’s numerous and outstanding properties, which include malleability, tensile strength, and the ability to be extremely lightweight. 

In the steel vs aluminum rims debate, aluminum carries the benefit of not weighing down your car while sacrificing nothing in terms of functionality and strength. Additionally, (due to the malleability of the metal), aluminum rims are easily fashioned into a multitude of forms, promising an almost endless variety of design permutations for the buyer to choose from.

However, one of the drawbacks to aluminum rims is that they could be susceptible to stress in extreme winter and/or road conditions. So if you live in an area of the world that sees low temperatures, large snowfalls, and poor road conditions during winter months, be aware that your aluminum rims could bend, crack, or tear more easily than steel ones.

Steel Rims

When it comes to strength and durability, there is no substitute for steel. Made from an alloy of iron and carbon, steel rims are built to last. They are perfect at withstanding extreme temperatures as well as tough road conditions. This makes them the rims of choice for motorists who routinely experience harsh winters. Steel vs aluminum rims also carry an extra benefit in that they are usually less expensive than aluminum ones.

Of course, there are drawbacks to steel rims as well. Since the metal is not as malleable as aluminum, it cannot be fashioned into a vast variety of forms. Essentially, in buying steel vs aluminum rims, you will most probably be sacrificing aesthetics for improved functionality. Additionally, the heavier weight of steel vs aluminum rims can slow down acceleration of your vehicle and detrimentally affect your fuel efficiency- something to consider if you’d like to spend less money at the pumps.

Steel Vs Aluminum Rims: The Verdict

Ultimately, deciding between steel and aluminum rims is a matter of identifying your priorities. 

If you want customized rims that correspond to your specific artistic vision, are fine with possible damage on tough roads during harsh winter conditions, and don’t mind spending a little more money for your choice, then aluminum is the rim for you.

If you don’t not want to sacrifice functionality and safety for aesthetics and are looking to pay a little less for your rims, then steel is your best bet.

In any event, if you need help choosing your rims or would like to learn more about steel vs aluminum rims, contact or visit your local Kenny U-Pull!