Caroline Brousseau, our battery expert, advises. 

About Kenny U-Pull – Kenny U-Pull gives used vehicles a second life by offering customers the opportunity to pull their used car parts themselves for a fraction of the manufacturer’s price, in a safe, clean and eco-friendly environment. To date, Kenny U-Pull has 20 locations across Canada and one in Maine. 

Our specialist and project manager for tires and batteries answers 4 frequently asked questions about Kenny U-Pull batteries.    

What verification process does a battery have to follow at Kenny U-Pull to ensure quality used batteries on shelves? 

Well organized, on shelves and available directly in the store, all our batteries follow a strict quality control process upstream. Each battery is pre-tested first. If the battery reaches at least 12 volts and its case has been well preserved, the battery will then be cleaned and sent to the charging station until it is fully charged $to maximum capacity (100%). If the battery does not meet these two criteria, it will be sent to AIM Recycling who will recycle it in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Once the battery is fully recharged, it will then be set aside for 12 to 24 hours. After this time, the battery will be retested. If the charge has remained at the same level, it will be put up for sale in our stores.  

How do I choose the right battery for my vehicle?  

The make and model of your vehicle as well as the amperage recommended by your vehicle manufacturer are the three main pieces of information to consider when choosing your battery.   

At Kenny U-Pull, our on-site employees will be able to help and advise you in choosing the ideal battery for your vehicle. 

When should I replace my car battery?  

“The estimated life of a battery is five years. However, heat and cold weather, the length of your trips, the use of electrical accessories and the frequency you start your vehicle will affect the life of your battery. This is also the case when the vehicle is stopped for an extended period of time, the battery will slowly discharge until it runs down and cannot be recharged. There is no recommended “retirement age” for a car battery, it is very individual, I would say you should change your battery when you feel it has a weak start of the engine. Ideally you should test it before each winter because you may not notice the weakness until it gets cold and your battery capacity will lower, and it will need a boost. At Kenny U-Pull, we will test your old battery if you bring it in-store and let you know if it’s due to be replaced so you can avoid running out of power” says Caroline Brousseau, tire and battery expert at Kenny U-Pull. 

How do you extend the life of a battery?  

To prepare your battery for winter: 

  • Clean the battery terminals. 
  • Check the charging system and the belts. 
  • Have your battery tested in the fall and spring. 
  • Turn off the radio, heater, interior lights, heated seats and headlights before starting your vehicle.  
  • If you don’t use your vehicle frequently, remember to start it regularly to keep your battery in good condition.  
  • Replace it if it is weak, don’t wait until it stops working. 

Do you have any doubts about the capacity of your battery?  
Learn more or purchase a used battery at your nearest Kenny U-Pull. No yard entry fees and no need to get your hands dirty to get a quality used battery at a great price from Kenny U-Pull.