Shop Smart With Used Car Advantages

Exploring your options when buying a car is always a good practice, especially when your financial situation precludes you from purchasing “the latest model.” Deciding to purchase a used car will not only spare your wallet some undue abuse but carries considerable advantages that may not be immediately obvious to you. Used car advantages include a plethora of boons for the environment, not the least of which is a reduction of carbon footprints, lower energy consumption, and reduced packaging waste.  Additionally, used car advantages extend to lower insurance costs, as well as an ability to better personalize and customize your vehicle.

Used Car Advantages for the Environment

In an age where climate change is of paramount concern and both industry and individuals are looking to safeguard the environment, buying a used car can fulfill the need to go green in the following ways:

Reducing the Automobile Industry’s Carbon Footprint

One of the leading contributors to climate change is the automobile industry. Every year, the industry expends vast amounts of resources and energy to extract, process, and refine raw materials, destroying and potentially polluting the natural environment. Additionally, the manufacturing and transportation of parts and materials add significantly to the industry’s carbon footprint. 

By buying a used car, you reduce the need for newly manufactured cars. This, in turn, reduces the need for all the processes mentioned earlier, thus significantly benefiting the environment by reducing the automobile industry’s sizable carbon footprint.

Lower Energy Consumption 

It’s estimated that the energy needed to manufacture a new car is equal to the energy it expends in the first few years of its road life. When you buy a used car, you help lower the energy consumption necessary for new car construction. This relieves stress on the environment by reducing the need for power from sources like oil or hydroelectricity.

Reduced Packaging Waste

Although it may not be wrapped in styrofoam and bubble wrap when you buy it, a new car still has a large amount of packaging materials in the form of plastic wrap, foam bumpers, and protective covers. One of the best used car advantages is that these packaging materials are not needed for a previously owned vehicle. This reduces the need for packaging materials and keeps them out of landfills- both significant benefits for the environment.

Personal Used Car Advantages

Used car advantages are just as plentiful for the individual driver as they are for the environment, as evidenced by the following:

Less Expensive 

The most obvious of the used car advantages is its price. Significantly less expensive than its newer counterpart, buying a used car won’t break your bank account and will allow you to meet your monthly expenses with ease. 

Lower Insurance Costs

Buying a used car also allows you to decrease the amount of money you spend on car insurance. Typically, insurance companies charge more for their services based on the value of your car, with more valuable and expensive cars fetching higher premiums and less valuable and cheaper cars fetching lower premiums. Since the value of used cars has depreciated quicker and more substantively than new ones, you can inquire about a reduced cost on your insurance and enjoy another used car advantage!

Personalization & Customization

Since used cars have been on the market for a longer time than newer ones, there are typically more options when it comes to personalizing and customizing them. Spoilers, lights, seat covers, and hubcaps are usually more readily available for used cars that have been on the road for a few years, rather than cars that just got off the assembly line. Additionally, these parts and features can be combined to match your personal vision and aesthetic!

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