When companies like Kenny U-Pull advertise that they will buy your used and non-functioning car, it can leave you wondering what the actual benefit would be. After all, having a car that just sits in your garage like a two-time paperweight can seem like a tremendous burden to you, much less to someone else. The truth is that a used and even non-functioning car is a treasure trove of parts and raw materials that can be salvaged, resold or recycled, making your old clunker a valuable commodity. What happens to your car after it is sold to a scrapyard as Kenny U-Pull depends on a multitude of factors including its condition, functionality, and vintage. Here are some of the most common options:

what happens to my car for parts

Stripped for Parts

The most common thing to happen to your car when it is sold to a scrapyard is for it to be stripped of its valuable and still-working parts. Everything from headlights to catalytic converters can be salvaged, to be resold to clients looking to replace or repair the same part on their cars for a price significantly lower than you can find in stores. 

Although some scrap yards prefer to remove the parts and keep them in a warehouse, a majority of Kenny U-Pull outlets prefer to leave the car on site, allowing clients to pick the parts they need directly from the car itself.

Recycled for Materials

Even a non-functioning car is useful as a source of recyclable materials. Everything from the glass of the windshield to the rubber of the tires to the metal of the frame can be recycled to make anything from more cars to household appliances. The process usually begins after fluids such as oil, remaining fuel, coolants, and lubricants have been removed from the car, as even they can be resold and recycled. Next, valuable parts are salvaged, including windshields and tires. Finally, when all salvageable parts and materials have been removed, the car is dismantled and disassembled for its valuable plastics and metals.


Sometimes, due to the non-viability of the parts and materials due to age, prolonged non-use or extensive damage, a scrapyard will have no choice but to scrap your car completely. If this is the case, what will happen to your car when it leaves your premises and arrives at the lot will be prepared for the vehicle to be crushed or shredded. If crushed, your vehicle will make its way to a landfill at the size of a large microwave or small dishwasher; if shredded, it will be flattened to a thin layer before being ribboned into flayed metal.

What Happens to My Car if I Donate It?

Of course, if your car is still functional, it can be donated through a scrapyard to a charity. Many non-profit organizations and charities are in desperate need of vehicles to help them fulfill their daily tasks. Donating your old car to charity not only fulfills an altruistic function but can provide you with a substantial tax benefit come April.

Never wonder what will happen to your car when you sell it to a scrapyard again! Contact Kenny U-Pull today to schedule your pick-up or get more information on the process!