How to Get Rid of My Junk Car

Finally getting rid of an old car is a difficult decision for most drivers, as everything from the expense of a new car to a sentimental attachment to the old one may factor into the decision-making process. Even the idea of how to get rid of my junk car may seem mystifying, influencing people to keep their old clunkers rather than saving space and gaining money by letting them go.

how to get rid of my junk car fast

Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Junk Car

Still, there are clear signs it may be time to get rid of your junk car, and recognizing them can save you a lot of time and headaches:

  1. Totalled/Not Running: If your car has not run in months or years and shows no signs of being able to be affordably repaired, it’s time to sell. This is especially true for older, non-classic cars where mileage, years of wear and tear, and the expense of hard-to-find parts make restoration illogical. Similarly, if your car has been in an accident and has been totaled, making expensive repairs just doesn’t make sense.
  1. The Cost of Repairs: If your car is constantly in need of repairs that are costing you more per year (or per month) than the car is worth, it’s time to sell.
  1. Resale Value Drops: Every year your car is on the road, its resale value drops, as newer models become available and your mileage increases. As the years you’ve owned your car veer toward the double-digits and your odometer approaches its breaking point, it may be time to sell.

Deciding How to Get Rid of My Junk Car

Deciding when was tough enough, but deciding how to get rid of my junk car may be even more confusing. You can try a junkyard, but that becomes problematic and expensive for a car that won’t run, as transportation will rely solely on you. You can try to sell it privately, but then you’ll have to spend a large amount of time posting ads online and meeting with potential buyers. You can strip your car for parts, but that requires knowledge, expertise, and time you may not have. A quick, effortless, and profitable option would be to sell your car for scrap.

Scrap Your Junk Car with Kenny U-Pull

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